Propane Vs. Electricity

Cost Comparison: Propane vs. Electric

Propane Vs. ElectricityEveryone has busy lives but everyone wants to save money, too! Why not take some time to crunch the numbers on replacing old, and failing electric appliances in your home. It may come as a shock you discover the savings—and comfort—that may be in your future after you discard your electric appliances and “plug” into propane instead.

Let’s start with water heaters. High-efficiency propane water heating units generally cost 30% less to operate than electric ones. You may see even greater savings when you install a tankless propane water heating unit.

Many Iowans also make the switch to propane water heaters because comfort and convenience are important to them. You can count on propane to deliver. Propane water heaters can produce about twice as much hot water as comparable electric units.

If you’ve ever been caught cold in your shower by an inefficient electric water heater, check out your options with a new propane water heating system. It’s a lot easier than you may think to make the switch—and you could qualify for rebates when you replace your old water heater with a new propane water heater!

Propane appliances vs. electric appliances

  • Propane ovens and ranges cost significantly less to operate than their electric counterparts. In terms of performance, gas stoves respond almost instantly to changes in temperature settings. This gives you more precise cooking control. This is important when you’re creating certain meals. Electric stoves take longer to respond, particularly when you’re lowering the temperature or turning the heat off. Here’s another advantage: A gas stove will continue to work during a power outage.
  • A propane clothes dryer gets laundry dry 25% faster than the typical electric model.
  • Propane heaters for cold spaces are a great option because they’re much less expensive to operate than portable electric heaters. Vented propane gas space heaters are easy to install, incredibly efficient and extremely safe.

    Propane vs. electricity: preserving the environment

    • Propane is one of the cleanest carbon-based fuels.
    • The average propane-powered home reduces carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 30% compared to all-electric homes.
    • Direct use of propane for space heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying reduces greenhouse gas emissions up to 50%.

    propane vs electricity

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    Want to know more about the cost of propane vs. electricity? Interested in converting your old electric appliances to propane? Contact your propane company today!

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