Propane Vs. Natural Gas

Learn the Differences: Propane vs. Natural Gas

Propane Vs. Natural GasWhile natural gas is the leading home heating source in many parts of the country—including the Midwest—most people don’t realize that many of the benefits of natural gas translate to propane as well. You can count on all of these benefits in your propane-powered home in the same way people do in homes supplied with natural gas.

  • a super-efficient furnace
  • unlimited hot water
  • temperature-precise cooking stoves
  • reliable backup home generators

Secure supply for propane

In terms of supply, propane has an edge over natural gas because of the way it’s processed and transported. After propane gets compressed into a liquid, all of this liquid petroleum gas (LPG) gets stored inside large tanks until your propane company delivers it to you. While your propane is stored in your own tank as a liquid, it will change into a gas before it leaves your tank.

Consumer surveys have shown that people like heating their home and water with propane because they know they will have a reliable supply of propane on hand whenever they need it. Having a propane tank on their property gives them the ability to store a plentiful supply that’s always ready for immediate use.

Compare that to the delivery system of natural gas. If an underground natural gas pipeline gets damaged, customers may lose their supply until repairs get done. Additionally, all of the propane consumed in the U.S. is produced in North America. So every gallon of propane you buy contributes to America’s energy independence.

Environmental concerns about natural gas

Environmental issues have also been raised about methane leaks coming from underground natural gas pipelines. (Methane is a greenhouse gas and the main component of natural gas.) In its original form, propane is not a greenhouse gas and it’s considered a “green” fuel because of its low carbon content.

Propane’s flexibility

Many propane suppliers have several ways to ensure that you will always have plenty of clean, dependable propane on hand, with programs like automatic delivery, prebuy and other plans to suit your needs. Read more. [Link to delivery Services]

With many companies serving the Hawkeye State, Iowa’s propane consumers also have a range of local options for price, service and terms. In contrast, natural gas and electricity providers have monopoly territories that don’t permit competition. These companies also may not lock in a customer’s service or supply.

We encourage you to contact your propane company to learn more about propane, including its great track record for safety and efficiency.

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