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Propane Safety during Tornadoes

Propane Safety During Tornado Season

June 18, 2020

June is among the peak months for tornadoes in Iowa, with May being the other. However, tornadoes can occur at any time or day of the year. Weather data shows that on average, our state experiences 48 tornadoes per year. The most common time of day for tornadoes to occur is between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. Where do I go during […]

How Does a Propane Tankless Heater Work?

How Does a Propane Tankless Heater Work?

May 14, 2020

A tankless water heater is so compact in size that it can easily be mounted on a wall. These units are about the size of a suitcase, which means your propane installer can put them in crawl spaces, attics, closets and other tight spaces. But a lot of people wonder: how can something that small […]

How do I check my propane tank gauges?

How Do I Check My Propane Tank Gauges?

April 27, 2020

First, look for a round dial (like a clock face) on your cylinders or tanks. Often, the dial is under the lid of the cylinder or tank, although sometimes it’s located on the top of a cylinder. Next, see what number the hand is on. That number is the percentage (not the gallon count) of […]

Propane companies respond to the COVID-19 crisis

Propane Companies Respond To The COVID-19 Crisis

March 30, 2020

As we all deal with the threat from COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Iowa propane companies are working hard every day to provide safe service to their customers. Per the advice of health officials, your propane provider may have changed operating hours or procedures for such tasks as tank and cylinder filling, service, installations and customer payments. Please […]

Benefits of warming up to a propane fireplace

Warming Up To A Propane Fireplace: 5 Benefits

February 20, 2020

Did you know that you can enjoy up to double the warmth and comfort of your fireplace without the mess of smoke, soot or ash? You can get that if you upgrade your old wood fireplace to an efficient propane gas fireplace. Offering a higher efficiency level than other sources of energy, propane gas fireplaces […]

All-propane home = efficiency and savings

All-Propane Home = Efficiency and Savings

January 20, 2020

Propane offers builders the opportunity to provide the types of features that their customers desire and are willing to pay for. Buyers of new homes look for the best amenities—high-efficiency gas furnaces, tankless water heaters, fireplaces and other luxuries that electric models just can’t match. By choosing to build an all-propane home, you can enjoy […]

Dependable propane

Noteworthy News: Dependable Propane Warms—Natural Gas in Crisis

December 23, 2019

When consumers have a reliable supply of propane on hand, they feel confident and comfortable. Having an on-property propane tank is even better, giving people the ability to maintain a plentiful supply available for use anytime. Natural gas customers are not experiencing such security, as we’ve seen recently. January’s blast of Arctic air—a polar vortex—which […]

Is a Propane Water Heater Better than an Electric Water Heater?

November 25, 2019

In the U.S., the average household uses in excess of 60 gallons of hot water per day for showers, baths, dishwashing, hand washing, clothes washing etc. Considering these many uses, it’s no surprise that water heating accounts for nearly 20% of an average monthly energy bill. If your home relies on an electric water heater […]

The Different Propane Tank Sizes

October 28, 2019

When you’re choosing a propane tank for your Iowa home or business, one-size-fits-all is obviously not an option. You have a wide array of choices, and your local Iowa propane supplier will give you good advice in making this important decision about your storage tank. Here’s an in-depth look at the wide range of propane storage tanks […]

Indoor space heating

Are Indoor Propane Space Heaters Safe?

September 30, 2019

Propane heaters serve a lot of purposes. They can provide heating to spaces where your home’s HVAC system doesn’t reach. Indoor propane heaters are ideal for today’s trendy tiny homes. Propane indoor heaters heat a space faster and more efficiently with lower energy costs than an electric indoor heater. You have a choice when it […]

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