Lawn Mower Gas

Propane for Lawn Mower Fuel

Propane has been making big inroads in commercial landscaping because it saves money and it’s easy to refuel. And it can be an additional selling point for clients who are environmentally conscious. Propane is cleaner, reducing greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions by 50%.

Propane is generally more cost-effective than gasoline or diesel, so propane mowers can save money by reducing fuel consumption.

In addition, the Propane Mower Incentive Program—created by the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC)—can help landscapers save more. This program provides $1,000 in rebates per qualifying new autogas lawn mower purchase or $500 per qualifying mower conversion—while funds last.

Think of it as a little bonus for adopting more affordable, cleaner equipment. You can qualify for these savings in exchange for providing feedback to PERC about mower performance and usage during the landscaping season.

Save money with propane lawn mower gas

Lawn Mower GasWhen it comes to autogas, landscape contractors are doubly lucky: Not only can they save green for their truck fleet, they can also be green with every lawn that’s mowed.

That’s because autogas typically costs less per gallon than gasoline. Imagine that kind of savings for every gallon of fuel used in every piece of equipment by every crew sent out for work.

But the savings don’t stop there: Because propane runs cleaner, less money will be spent on maintenance and the life of equipment will be extended.

With propane, there’s no more wasting time with trips to the gas station. Convenient refueling options, like on-site cylinder exchange and dispensing offered by some propane dealers, ensure that a landscaping crew spends more time doing jobs that pay.

Landscaping companies may also be able to lock in a fuel contract with a local propane provider to enjoy a fuel price that’s less than they would pay for gasoline. These savings can then be passed on to customers with a more competitive price during the bidding process.

Other benefits of propane lawn mower gas

Tried and true—Top landscape contractors in Iowa and around the country now trust propane to stand up to the toughest jobs daily.

Easy to store and refuel—Many propane companies offer bulk on-site storage tanks or mobile on-site refueling option; both reduce the cost of fuel and labor while increasing safety.

Harder to steal and spill—With its closed fuel system, propane virtually eliminates the chance of spills and dramatically reduces fuel theft.

American made—More than 90% of propane is made in the U.S.

Please contact your local propane supplier to find out more about the benefits of adding propane autogas to your landscaping business.