Cooking and Heating—and Much More—with Propane

Cooking with propane

The single fuel solution for Iowans is most definitely propane. Aside from heating your home, this incredibly versatile fuel can be used to power generators, stoves/cooktops, water heaters, clothes dryers, grills, space heaters, and more.

Expand your use of propane and save. This versatile fuel is the way to go if you’re looking to reduce energy costs in your Iowa home. You’ll see a higher level of comfort and better value than you can get from other approaches. Here are a few ways you can benefit from propane.

Let propane warm up your home

If you’re looking to generate heat to warm up your home, a propane furnace can’t be matched. On cold nights, electric heat likely still leaves you with a chill, but a high-powered propane furnace will keep you and your loved ones warm and toasty.

Producing much higher indoor air temperatures with thermal energy, propane furnaces are highly efficient. And you won’t have a need for a backup system.

Enjoy the warmth of a propane fireplace

Lose the “fake” flames of electric fireplaces and enjoy the real flames of a propane gas unit. And if you’ve been using an older wood fireplace, converting to a clean-burning and safe fireplace gas insert is an easy process.

Choose from a variety of styles for your propane gas fireplace, and enjoy the maintenance-free experience. Posing a far lower house-fire risk than wood fireplaces, propane fireplaces are also far more environmentally friendly than other choices on the market. In fact, a wood fireplace produces up to 4,000% more emissions than a propane unit, according to recent studies.

Minimal maintenance: A propane fireplace requires little to no maintenance. With a propane unit, consider yourself done with adding logs to the fire or getting rid of old ashes. Installation works indoors or outdoors, with more efficiency than other options and energy sources. For about one-third the cost, you’ll get twice as much heat as you would from a wood fireplace, and without the ash, smoke or soot. They also have up to six times the heating capacity of an electric fireplace.

Outside entertaining with a propane stove/cooktop

For more precise cooking control and fewer limitations, a propane stove/cooktop is the way to go. You’ll get a much quicker response to temperature changes than you would with an electric stove – especially if you’re turning the heat down or shutting off entirely. And never again will you have to worry about cooking during a power outage!

Plenty of hot water with propane

When it comes to water heating in your Iowa home, propane fuel allows for high efficiency, for both traditional propane storage tanks and propane tankless on-demand water heaters. Costing up to 30% less to operate than electric water heating units, propane units have a hot water recovery rate that’s double that of their electric counterparts. They are more compact, offer better and more accurate temperature adjustment and give you more options when it comes to sizing and installation. Read more about propane water heaters.

Propane gas dryers

No matter what your laundry-drying needs are, a propane gas dryer will help you get the job done.

Drying your clothes for about half what it costs to run an electric dryer, propane dryers get to the temperatures you need quickly and they dry clothes evenly. No more worrying about burned or discolored fabrics – the moist heat of a propane dryer is gentler on your clothes. And once your load is dry, moisture-sensing controls will handle shut-off.

So whether you’re up against a record amount of laundry or you just have a couple of light loads, there’s a propane gas dryer with the capacity that’s right for you.

Backyard uses of propane

You’ll find so many ways to use propane in your backyard and outside in general. Here are just a few!

Stay in control

Ultimately, it’s a smart investment to get a whole-house propane generator. You’ll maintain control in the event of a power outage and can rest easy about all of the following:

Learn more about all of the ways you can enjoy propane. Please contact your propane company, and they’ll be glad to help.

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