What To Do if Your Gas Grill Catches on Fire

Keep Propane Safety on Your Menu This Summer

gas grill safety iowaCooking, whether it’s inside or outside, always presents the potential of accidents and injuries because you’re dealing with high heat and hot flames. Just letting your mind wander away from the task at hand for a few seconds or panicking when something goes wrong could lead to bad consequences.

So, with the propane grilling season now in full swing in Iowa, here are some timely tips about what you should do if you ever have a grease fire or flare-up on your outdoor propane grill.

First and foremost, always be ready for an emergency. Near your grill, always keep these essentials: a fire extinguisher, insulated gloves, and either baking soda or sand so you can quickly smother any fire that erupts while you’re grilling.

What to Do about Flare-ups

Grill flare-ups are tall flames with a lot of smoke. These are actually quite common when grilling meats because of dripping fat, oil and marinades. To prevent your flare-up from turning into a full-fledged fire, do this:

If You Have a Grill Fire

The problem with flare-ups is that these can spread quickly and easily turn into a full-blown fire. Here’s what to do if it looks like your flare-up has turned into something more serious.

Avoiding a Grease Fire

The best way to handle grease fires and flare-ups is to avoid them in the first place. Here are ways to do it.

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