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How Much Propane Does a Fireplace Use?

Consider the BTU of Your Hearth Product

gas fireplace iowa Have you ever thought about converting your old, seldom-used wood fireplace into an efficient, clean-burning and safe propane fireplace?

One question that always comes up is: how much propane does a propane fireplace use? As a general rule, a propane fireplace uses about one gallon of propane for each 100,000 BTU. So. if you install a propane fireplace that is rated 50,000 BTU, you’ll be using about one gallon of propane for every two hours that it’s in use.

Now, compare the expense and all of the work you have to put into operating a wood burning fireplace. You’ll probably be delighted by how much easier and inexpensive it is to have a cozy and reliable propane fireplace in your Iowa home.

Converting a Wood Fireplace to Propane

Today’s propane hearths are available as freestanding stoves, built-in fireplaces, and sealed fireplace inserts that can be installed directly in your existing mantle. And they give you all the warmth and comfort of a wood fireplace without the drawbacks, and with some great benefits that you just can’t get from a wood-burning hearth.

Whether or not you have an existing fireplace, you can enjoy the benefits of a propane hearth in your home with these advantages.

Reduce Heat Loss with Propane Fireplaces

Today’s propane fireplace inserts have efficiencies that can go well into the 80% range. That’s so much more efficient than a wood fire. As much as 90% of the heat produced by a wood-burning fireplace goes straight up the chimney! Did you ever notice how cold a room becomes when a wood fire begins to burn out? It’s because all the heat in the room is being drawn out the chimney!

Recent Trends in Propane Fireplaces

Once you get your new propane fireplace installed, count on your propane provider to keep you well-supplied so you can always keep your home fires burning.

Please reach out to your Iowa propane provider for more advice about propane gas fireplaces. Interested in expanding your use of propane further? Read about propane appliances.

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