Propane and Lower Emissions

Propane Releases Less CO2 than Other Energy Sources

carbon emissionsDid you know that you’re doing your part to help the environment by using propane appliances instead of electric ones?

It’s true! It takes three units of source energy to get one unit of electricity into your home. That means more coal often has to be burned to produce electricity, generating even more carbon emissions, to get electricity to homes.

In contrast, the minimal number of emissions released by a propane-heated house is cleaner than most alternatives. Propane contains virtually no particulate matter–a known carcinogen–and releases significantly less carbon dioxide (CO2) than other energy sources.

Homes with propane-fueled furnaces also emit up to 50% less nitrogen oxide and 82% less sulfur oxide than technologies fueled by electricity. These types of emissions contribute to acid rain and cause respiratory ailments.

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But despite all of this, there has been an aggressive push from those in government to champion the increased use of electricity in favor of other fuels, including propane.

Winter and Our Failing Electric Power Grid

The electric infrastructure in our country has failed us time and again, causing massive disruption, frustration, and discomfort.

However well-meaning the “all-electric” movement may be, it is putting faith in breakthroughs that do not yet exist to an electric grid that is already unreliable.

Consider what will happen when the electric grid is taxed by huge new demand—caused by conversions of cars, commercial buildings, homes, and more. And imagine what a massive power outage would be like in the middle of a brutally cold winter in Iowa? (Tragically, we already saw a preview of that in Texas last year).

So, until our electricity supply is less environmentally destructive and not prone to numerous blackouts, it is simply not the best choice for staying warm in winter.

Millions of Americans, including many Iowans, rely on propane for warmth as well as hot water and cooking. Thanks to propane generators, they can still enjoy all of these benefits even when their electric power goes out.

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