Propane Companies Respond To The COVID-19 Crisis

how propane companies respond to coronavirus iowa

As we all deal with the threat from COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Iowa propane companies are working hard every day to provide safe service to their customers.

Per the advice of health officials, your propane provider may have changed operating hours or procedures for such tasks as tank and cylinder filling, service, installations and customer payments.

Please keep in mind that your propane provider may need extra time to respond or make deliveries. If you normally call for deliveries, we recommend that you discuss your situation with your supplier. These are trying times for all of us, but propane companies here in Iowa—and across the country—remain united in responding to the needs of their customers.

If you have questions or concerns about deliveries or service, please reach out to your local propane provider.

Consumer safety tips for propane

With health and safety the major concerns today, we thought it would be timely to share some safety reminders as you hunker down in your propane home.

If you smell gas, here’s what to do—and what not to do

In order to alert homeowners of a gas leak, manufacturers add an odor to propane. The smell, comparable to a skunk’s spray, rotten eggs or a dead animal, is sure to catch your attention.
It’s important that everyone in the home can recognize the smell. However, if you are concerned that you or others in your home may not be able to identify this smell, you will want to install one or more propane gas detectors.

If you smell propane at home or at work, here’s what to do:

And here’s what not to do:

Other tips for staying safe in your Iowa home

Dealing with storms or other weather emergencies

Get more safety tips here and then contact your propane company if you have any questions or concerns. Stay safe!

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