Propane Safety during Tornadoes

Tornadoes Can Occur Any Time of the Year

storm safety iowaIn light of the recent fast-moving complex of storms (known as a derecho), that affected more than 36 million people, including Iowans, we wanted to share some tips for staying safe during a tornado.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an underground area, such as a basement or storm cellar, provides the best protection from a tornado.

If an underground shelter is unavailable, however, consider these options:

Avoid taking shelter in auditoriums, cafeterias and gymnasiums that have flat, wide-span roofs.

After the Storm Is Over

Detecting a Propane Gas Leak

Make sure everyone in your family knows the distinctive rotten-egg smell of propane, and what to do if they detect it. Knowing that smell can help you identify a potentially dangerous leak that could worsen if your propane tank is damaged during a storm.

We also urge you to install propane detectors in your home, which can detect a propane leak even in the absence of its telltale odor. Here’s what to do if you smell gas.

Have an Emergency Plan

Make sure all adults living in the house know how to shut the gas main off at your propane tank, and do this if you choose to evacuate your home. This will prevent damaged tanks from creating dangerous leaks that could ignite in your absence.

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