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Propane: The Perfect Fuel for Iowa Farms

Farm tractor

A farmer’s work is never done.

Whether it’s making fresh beds for livestock, shoveling manure, maintaining and fixing equipment and buildings, irrigating and fertilizing, and so many other responsibilities, Iowa farmers cram a lot into each long day.

That’s why propane is embraced by the farming community. Propane and propane-powered farm equipment and vehicles can help cut costs and maximize the efficiency of your work.

Propane works all around the farm

Iowa has a diverse agriculture industry. Just about everyone knows that we’re the largest producer of corn in the nation. But we produce your bacon and eggs, the cream in your coffee and the oats in your oatmeal.

And propane can help all those types of farms. Here are just some of the ways propane can work for you and your farm:

Clean and green

You can help protect some of Iowa’s most precious resources — our air, soil and water. Propane’s uses all around the farm can help you use fuel more efficiently and reduce emissions. And you don’t have to worry about spills.

Your local Iowa propane provider can tell you more about all the ways propane can make your farm work better. There are also incentives to help Iowa farmers who want to switch to propane-powered equipment.

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