Propane Appliances for Space Heating, Water Heating, Dryers, Furnaces and More

Propane Appliances

Just about any electric-powered appliance has a propane-powered equivalent—one that usually outperforms it in just about any way you can measure. Best of all, you can fuel all of these appliances discretely from a single aboveground or underground propane storage tank.

Versatile propane heats your home and can power everything from water heaters, generators and stoves/cooktops to fireplaces, clothes dryers, outdoor grills, space heaters and more. That’s why we like to call it the single fuel solution for Iowans.

Propane provides terrific value and it’s a domestically made, eco-friendly alternative for heating your home or business. Propane puts less wear on equipment, so furnaces are easier to maintain, break down less and last longer—making a propane central-heating system a better investment than an electric-based system. Having a propane heating system is a great way to reduce your worries about furnace repairs and furnace maintenance costs.

Expand your use of propane appliances

There’s an extensive range of household appliances and other equipment that can be powered by propane. The list of propane-powered appliances propane might surprise you: water heaters, clothes dryers, dishwashers, stoves and cooktops, outdoor lighting, patio heaters, pool heaters and outdoor grills.

Save with Appliance Rebates
You may qualify for rebates of up to $300 when you add or replace a propane water heater or propane furnace.
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  • A propane-fueled fireplace provides all the warmth and charm of a wood-burning unit, without the soot and ash and the chore of lugging firewood around.
  • When storms knock out power, a propane-powered backup generator will keep your heat and everything else running until the utility company makes repairs.
  • Vent-free heaters provide an additional heating source for a room or work area, and are available in a variety of blue-flame and infrared models.
  • Tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water and traditionally last much longer than electric water heaters. These systems work on demand, so they heat water only when it’s needed, eliminating standby losses that occur in systems with hot water storage tanks like the typical electric water heater.
  • Gas logs feature high-definition bark and natural colors for an authentic wood look. Gas logs burn cleaner than smoke-producing wood fires, and create a warm and welcoming focus for your living areas.
  • Gas lights provide your home with a distinctive look and are available in a variety of colors and styles, including copper, to accent any decor.

Whatever appliances you use, remember that propane gas is not only efficient, it’s extremely safe. It’s nontoxic, meaning it can’t harm soil or groundwater, and it has a very narrow range of flammability. Read more about safe propane.