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Outdoor Living with Propane

Outdoor LivingThere are many ways you can make your outdoor living space more fun, especially if you take full advantage of propane’s versatility. What’s your pleasure? It can be anything from grills, hearths and heaters to lighting, patio heaters and pool heaters. Here are a 6 examples of all you can do in the great outdoors with propane by your side.

Get cooking— Nothing beats the clean-burning precision of a propane gas grill. Whether you cook on a simple portable or a high-tech built-in model, you’ll get the same even-cooking performance time after time, with no starter fluid smell, dangerous chemicals, or mess.

Create a dramatic gathering spot— Bring friends, neighbors and family together with the warmth of a propane-fueled fire pit and never worry about feeding the fire or cleaning up ashes afterward. A large fire pit can be used as a centerpiece for your yard, or you can set up a series of small ones at the entry of your home to wow your guests. Many models have ignition systems that can be turned on and off with a smartphone or tablet.

Set a cozy mood— Imagine an outdoor space lit by flickering torchlight minus the wires, electric buzzing and chemical smells. Propane-powered outdoor lights can burn for just pennies per hour, and they can match almost any outdoor decor—from classic brass to modern enamel finishes, with post, pedestal or wall mounts.

Keep the bugs away— Mosquitos can really take a bite out of summer fun in Iowa—as can the smell of (mostly ineffective) mosquito repellant and chemical-laden candles and traps. A propane mosquito trap will keep those blood-sucking pests at bay without the harsh smells—or those awful zapping sounds.

Extend your Iowa summer— Propane patio heaters can keep your outdoor space toasty well into the fall. With freestanding or wall-mounted models available, you’re sure to find a patio heater that meets your needs and budget—and one that will work even if the power goes out.

Make a splash— You may have skipped a morning or evening swim because it wasn’t quite hot enough and you didn’t want to spend extra money running your electric pool heater. Put that all behind you by investing in a propane pool heater, which will heat your pool water quickly and efficiently—and far more effectively than an electric model.

Take full advantage of clean, green propane appliances—all powered with reliable propane gas deliveries from your local propane company.