What Happens If I Run Out of Propane?

Avoid Run-Outs by Filling Up Your Tank Now

propane runout iowa When a propane tank becomes empty, your life suddenly becomes more complicated. That’s because running out of propane is a serious and costly situation that can cause all kinds of problems– and potential dangers – for you and your family.

For starters, you will have to arrange for an emergency propane delivery, which costs more, compared to a regular delivery.

Your propane company also must conduct a system leak test for any tank that runs out of propane. Safety codes require your propane supplier to perform this gas leak test before refilling your tank and relighting your appliances. Here’s why.

When there is propane in your tank, there is constant pressure in the system; when the amount of fuel goes down, so does the pressure. Loss of pressure can cause leaks because of the expansion and retraction of the piping compound in the propane system.

Whenever there is an interruption in service—such as running out of propane—a pressure test will reveal any leaks in the piping, which we will then be corrected. Be aware that your propane company needs to charge you for this important service. Here are other problems a propane run-out may cause.

Please read our propane safety tips.

Fill Up Your Propane Tank in Early Fall

To avoid the hassles described above, start the heating season off on the right foot by getting your propane tank filled up. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your family will be safe and comfortable in any weather that’s ahead of us in autumn.

Tips for Reading Your Propane Tank Gauge

Look for a round dial (like a clock face) on your cylinders or tanks. Often, the dial is under the lid of the cylinder or tank, although sometimes it’s located on the top of a cylinder.

Next, see what number the hand is on. That number is the percentage (not the gallon count) of propane in your cylinder or tank.

To determine the number of gallons, multiply the capacity of the cylinder or tank by the percentage. If you have a 120-gallon tank and the gauge reads 70%, multiply 120 x .70, which equals 84 gallons.

If the gauge reads 30% or less on your tank or cylinder, arrange for a delivery from your local propane company.

If you’re having trouble reading your gauge or don’t know the capacity of your storage, contact your local Iowa propane company for assistance.

Propane Delivery Services in Iowa

Your Iowa propane dealer is committed to supplying you with reliable propane deliveries throughout the year.

Your Iowa propane company may offer a solution with automatic delivery service. They track your propane usage and schedule a delivery to your home before you run low. You don’t have to call.

If your Iowa propane company doesn’t offer automatic delivery, or if you prefer the control of calling in your delivery order, you need to be vigilant about monitoring your propane tank gauge levels and request your delivery when your tank is between 25% and 30% full.

While your propane dealer may be able to make a delivery within a day in cases of extreme emergency, it is always best to provide a few days’ notice. This advance notice is necessary for scheduling your home into a delivery route.

Please check with your Iowa propane supplier to find out what services and options they offer.

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