What Is a Propane Fireplace Insert?

Convenience & Efficiency of Propane Framed by an Existing Mantle

gas fireplace inserts iowaPropane fireplace inserts give you the best of both worlds: the convenience and efficiency of propane framed by an attractive existing masonry fireplace. You also get:

Discover the Benefits of Any Propane Hearth

Today’s propane hearths bring you all the warmth, glow, and comfort of a wood fireplace without most of the drawbacks. That’s true whether it’s the aforementioned sealed fireplace insert or a built-in fireplace or a freestanding stove. Here’s what we mean.

Want to learn more about propane hearths? Go here and then contact your local Iowa propane company.

*MMBtu stands for Metric Million British Thermal Unit; it’s used as a measurement of heat content or energy value.

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