Iowa Vs. The Polar Vortex: Winter Propane Safety

winter propane delivery iowaThe weather forecasters were right! The polar vortex—a bone-chilling Arctic air mass that increases the chance of snow—has now made its presence felt in Iowa.

The polar vortex is so named because of a counter-clockwise spin of Arctic air that occurs around the North Pole. This always exists, but sometimes, a jet stream of air that usually keeps the polar vortex in its place weakens. This causes an air mass to split and move super-frigid cold air south—that means to us! Talk about getting a feel for the North Pole!

Propane Readiness For Winter Weather

Your propane company’s priority is to always keep you safe and comfortable, so here are some tips to help you remain secure as you hunker down in your propane home until the spring thaw.

Avoid Running Out Of Fuel

As a general rule, you should schedule your next delivery when your tank gauge reads 30%. You can make the rest of winter a lot easier on yourself by asking your propane company if they offer automatic delivery service. If they do and you qualify, they’ll schedule your deliveries automatically based on your usage patterns and the daily temperatures. Read about your delivery options.

Clear The Way To Your Tank

After a snowstorm, please dig out a path to your storage tank so your propane delivery driver can reach it quickly and safely. If your propane company’s trucks must use your driveway to reach your tank, please make sure the driveway is plowed wide enough to accommodate the delivery truck, especially around any turns. If your driveway is on a hill, it’s very important to make sure it is clear of ice and snow.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

Your home should have at least one CO detector on each level—and there should be one outside every bedroom. Once a month, test them, and replace the batteries if necessary. Every five years, replace your CO detectors.

Test Your Propane Generator

Once a month, run your propane generator for about 20 minutes to keep all of the moving parts lubricated. Check to ensure that you have enough fuel to last at least a week. Don’t wait until a power outage to find out your generator is low on propane.

Use Propane Gas Appliances Safely

Never use any outdoor propane appliances—including propane grills—in an enclosed space or inside your home. (This includes garages and sunporches.) DO NOT use your propane-fueled stove for heating or for any reason other than its intended purpose.

Read more about propane safety.

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